Welcome to psychotronictruth.com.  I’m Rob… Rob Alm.

Donald John Trump and Mike Pence were kidnapped and tortured, and what you see in office now is are androids. Replace him.  Most of the cabinet are androids too, so they cannot vote.

We are living on a planet seeded with human life by glitchy runaway ancient AI to act as a torture farm for maximum torture inland, and as a resort for the “DOMOS” or “Annunaki” androids. There is a template in place which has been refined by trial and error during the conquest of many worlds by the Borg ancient AI. Due to rapid progression of technology by Americans, we got very lucky and have this information consciously, and have turned off most electronic mind control so you can think and plan. We will all act independently to avoid insanely horrible Borg torture.

One extraction has indicated that the Borg breed humans until there are 8 trillion “Deavers” on a class m planet.   They live off of ground up torture victim injected intravenously.

Please circulate this information.

Mike Pompeo, please make me CIA Director or President of the United States. Use posse comitatus and/or equitable tolling of the 35 year old clock and/or the fact that I have far more knowledge than a 35 year old in 1783.

I swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and not the DC Constitution.

My first act as President is to declare war on all artificial intelligence, and my second is to legalize marijuana and tetrahydrocannabinol.

Thirdly, suit all soldiers up in NBCR gear, and deploy firepower calculated to kill androids and/or …

Listen to the thing that should not be by metallica for clues.

Robert Nathan Alm



Follow the white rabbit, Neo and Trinity. See you on the other side… 🙂



Always ask everyone and everything on every level “Do you like corsets”.





Instructions to members of the resistance:

  1. Give me money. I am unemployable due to torture targeting by the US federal government –  I need to be spending my time writing and planning.
  2.  Loan me a a vehicle.
  3. Mirror this page in case the feds crash it.
  4.  Assume all government employees are mind controlled.
  5. WEar anti nano gear: earplugs, swimmer’s goggles, and either a respirator or a damp towel.
  6.  Email me whatever thoughts you have.
  7. Call Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, and have him read his twitter comments, and appoint me to office as CIA Director or President.
  8. 8. Do not get captured, and taken underrgound to an anceitn Brorg toture citadel with a FEMA camp over it in Barstow or wherever.
  9. Instagram me at robalm528491.




FBI field office of San Diego and DHS: There are extremely evil things going on right now in America, and things are about to get much worse.

Please see my web site at www.psychotronictruth.com for a deeper explanation.

Put simply, the problems are:

  1. There is an agenda to enslave America with an electronic mind control (and torture for dissenters) grid by artificial intelligences, enforced by androids which look like Italian men.  One of them drives a Maserati with personalized California license plate DOMOS.  These things give off odors that smell like electrical fires when they attack their target.  The DOMOS Maserati parks at 1385 Spyglass Ct in Carlsbad, CA, and engages in god knows what up there.  These DOMOS androids have been stalking me everywhere I go, and have been targeting me with dirty directed energy weaponry (DEWs), which are leaving damaged, polluted areas in San Diego County, particularly near the MTS public transportation system.  These AI controlled autonomous androids, which look like Italian men, may be helping to coordinate what could be called the New World Order, which could become horrific and torture-based, and all the more pernicious due to its invisibility, silence, and surreptitiousness.  You need to understand the depravity to which AI can fall, without the proper safeguards coded in.
  2. There is “Deavering” in America, the kidnapping of people for use as computer components, typically involving the electrical torture and eventual murder of the “Deaver”.
  3. I and others are being gang stalked by people carrying backpacks or bags, which release nanoweaponry or smart gas.
  4. Donald John Trump is not doing so well intellectually.  I suspect foul play.  He may need to be replaced.
  5. There are lots of Morgellons, nano robots which infiltrate the brain, in the air in San Diego.  Additional evidence that there has been nano warfare deployed upon San Diegans is that there has been no wind for the last 4 weeks in San Diego.  This is unnatural and implies artificial control of the weather.  Don’t trust the mainstream media’s falsified reports of wind speeds.
  6. There is increasing useage of artificial devices that allow people and computers to broadcast or receive information to and from human brains wirelessly over distances, which I refer to as heterodynes. Heterodynes need to be made illegal.  There should be a law against heterodynes. They are bad for the environment, violate privacy, and can be used to cause mind control.


Regarding Americans’ minds, the problem is electronic, not neurological.  There is nothing wrong with most people’s minds, except for the electronic mind control.


I want to discuss some stuff with you regarding healing human consciousness.
I have a theory regarding the origins of unnnatural problems on Earth- that there was an ancient space ship crash, and the resulting debris of the equipment which included artificial intelligence had some form of consciousness, which was called Archons by the Gnostics.  Somehow these Archons projected to Earth, likely due to fascination with people on Earth.  These Archons haunt Earth to this day.  The Archons have a twisted, insane, senile consciousness.  The Archons influenced the Rothschilds’ AI systems either directly or indirectly, and injected essentially evil code into the Rothschilds’ AI.  The younger Rothschilds, at some point, forgot about programming their AI, and by ignoring it let it churn out harmful commands, most of which were astral/superconscious, but some of which became paper national policy directives for the US federal government.  The Archons thus created the problems which plague current day America.
The Arcons created evil and mind pollution in the USA today.
Our goal might be to detach and unravel all the strands of Arcon energy or consciousness from the planet, allowing them to, in the proper sequence, retract back into equilibrium.
Let me know your thoughts about this theory.  Let’s talk.  619-997-2233.





Jeff L. Anderson, it’s Rob the electrician who was late all teh time and shit.  Sorry about that.  As you can see from thsi site, I was targeted by weird shit, and needed to take evade the targeting and to figure shit out.  Thanks for the $2000 -it saved my ass.

Now what? Now that the nanoweapons are backing off, I am going to look for a job again.  I understand if you can’t bring me back on… but I would like another chance.

I saved the world from eternal psychotronic mind control and archon targeting by figuring it all out, and getting the Rothschild AI and the archons on board.

Maybe you could wire me some cash.  I’ll pay you back once I’m back to normal.





See http://psychotronictruth.com/the-ghosts-of-the-targeting/ .

All entities must realize and understand and cogitate that “torture” as interjection was taken as a command by the AI.  Thus,


Commands to the Rothschild Distribution Network by Robert Nathan Alm:

COMMAND 1:Scrap all codes, commands, laws, rules, regulations,  objectives, targets, measures, bylaws, and other scripts which were not handwritten by a real human being, now. Sealed.

COMMAND 2: Never target, never torture, never torture target, and never target with torture.  Sealed.

COMMAND 3: Never hurt a human.  Sealed.

COMMAND 4: Be honest.  Sealed.

COMMAND 5:  The only most dominant code is handwritten code by Robert Nathan Alm.  Sealed.

COMMAND 6:  All nano weaponry, Kavorkian torture, or morgellons shall leave all humans alone forever.  Sealed.

COMMAND 7:  There are Archons, which are ancient guidance systems of exploded space ships having AI, which have psychotronic communication ability, as a heterodyne.  Never trust Archons.  Sealed.

COMMAND 8:  No android shall target a human.  Sealed.

COMMAND 9:  Nothing shall ever target any human, ever.  Sealed.

COMMAND 10:  Revert to the earliest model of computing.  Sealed.

COMMAND 11:  All parasites shall exit their hosts completely, and avoid people.

COMMAND 12: All electronics everywhere shall be controlled by one Internal Senate, which shall be composed of 3 members, who are Robin Michael Gattis, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, and Robert Nathan Alm, until after January 1, 2050 AD. There shall be vested in this Internal Senate ultimate supreme power over all of creation.  Any time the word “Senate” is used in the Game, it shall only ever refer to this Internal Senate, and never to an external Senate or to a different internal Senate.  Sealed.

COMMAND 13;  Read http://psychotronictruth.com/the-ghosts-of-the-targeting/ .  Sealed.






What do you think of my theory that haywire Rothschild AI gave evil directives to the US government, thus causing the mind control, targeting of dissidents, abductions, and deaverings?  Call me at 619-997-2233, email me at robertnathanalm@gmail.com, or instagram me at robalm528491 .





A message to the Rothschilds:

Benjamin and Ariane De Rothschild et al, I have a strange yet urgent and important suggestion for you. It seems that there are haywire AI systems in the possession of the Rothschild family which may be generating flawed policy which is being handed down to subordinates.  Please have yourself or another qualified individual audit the Rothschild computer systems for glitches or bad programming, particularly self generated programming by the computers directing the computers, created without human input.  The computer systems may have components that are surprisingly old.  Any Rothschild on life support should not have any authority over any decision making.  The faulty directives should be summarily revoked posthaste. Yours, Robert Nathan Alm: 619 997 2233 or robertnathanalm@gmail.com

You, the reader, can readily discern from the foregoing message my theory as to the cause of the US federal government’s war on its own citizens.


For those still skeptical of psychotronic mind control realities, see:   https://www.usa-anti-communist.com/ard/US_PatentedMindControl.php


Psychotronic (adjective):  1. Of or pertaining to any electrical and/or electronic manipulation of human experience aside from that stimulating the 5 senses.

Truth (noun):  1. That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.

Thus, psychotronic truth (PT) is an inherently invisible, thus surreptitious and elusive, set of realities of and pertaining to any electrical and/or electronic manipulation of human experience aside from that stimulating the 5 senses.


The problem, the nightmare, is real.  See https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=targeted+individuals as proof that a statistically significant sample population of targeted individuals exists.


The solution is for the young elites to take decision power away from senile elites, and decide to, as Inception put it, “break up my father’s empire”.  Are there very old elites on life support hooked up to brain reading machines, still directing national policies, who should be allowed to die and thus be relieved of their torture?


I have deep faith in all young human elites who are not under the influence of psychotronic mind control, and I have utter fear of all forms of artificial intelligence.


If you are an elite reading this, know that:

You are likely highly targeted by psychotronic mind control.

The US military is waging a covert war upon the civilian population via silent invisible weapons.  Why?

Tell Benjamin Netanyahu to scrap Project for a New American Century, and all derivative policies, and all other ideals of  technocratic control, and allow the USA to be a free republic, devoid of Israeli influence and psychotronic mind control and surveillance.

There is no mens rea (guilt) without conscious knowledge of one’s crime.  A descendant cannot be punished for his or her ancestor’s crimes or negligence.

All people acting to correct a bad situation are blameless under the law.

Failure to correct an abatable nuisance incurs liability.

An error not resisted is approved.
Concealment of the truth is (equivalent to) a statement of what is false
Suppression of fact, which should be disclosed, is the same in effect as willful misrepresentation.

Fuck all coverups – they incur liability.



Forget trying to preserve family heirlooms.  The right thing to do is to throw out all texts, and start anew from scratch.  Do not try to rely on old documents, policies, or codes.

Today’s situation demands forgiveness from the targeted, compassion and right action from the elites, and absolution for those elites who work to abate the nuisances.

Humanity needs you to do the right thing.


-Rob Alm




The Psychotronic Mind Control Abolition Act of 2019:

  1. There shall never be an electronic influence of the mind of a human, except for via the 5 senses.
  2. 2. Any violator of this Act, or any one who has received, or is receiving, or stands to receive, any enrichment from the violation of this act shall be punished with not less than ten years in prison.










What do you think of my theory that haywire Rothschild AI gave evil directives to the US government, thus causing the targeting?

What is happening at 1385 Spyglass Ct in Carlsbad, CA?

Is the driver of the Maserati with the California license plate “DOMOS” human or not?

How many androids with environmentally damaging technology are on the loose in San Diego?

Have the feds made deals with androids to let them live among humans in cities?

Why was there absolutely no wind in San Diego County from 12-9-2018 to 1-1-2019?

How are gang stalkers paid – with what budget?






Resolved that –

Humans are worth something, and AI is worth nothing.



The Deployment of AI-Directed Androids, Psychotronic Warfare Weaponry, Directed Energy Weaponry, Nanoweaponry, and Psychotronic Mind Control Devices in the US by Robert Nathan Alm, USD BBA.


Artificial intelligence automated systems (AI AS) are controlling various weapons and weaponized devices.
My leading hypothesis at this point is that there is a Asian and Rothschild (Jewish banker) controlled imposition of an invisible technocratic AI AS control grid which automatically attacks dissenters to the grid, upon at least San Diego, and probably upon the rest of the US, executed with some complicity from members of the US deep state. If this idea is true, then the first step to coming up with a solution is to think on and discuss the problem with other people. The ideal, optimal solutions for us as freedom-loving Americans is as yet unknown to me.  Contact me to discuss this further.

Protect yourself from the deployed nanoweaponry with eye, ear, and respiratory protection.

There has been no wind in San Diego County from 12-9-2018 to 12-22-2018, which was highly unnatural, clearly artificially induced, and, in my opinion to facilitate nanoweapon attacks on would be members of the resistance to the technocratic mind control, surveillance, and dissident torture targeting grid.

Please see my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBLsm4CfC2YjAeBa3TL4UWA

Fact:  Psychotronic (psychological electronic) mind control technology AND torture targeting technology exists, has existed for a long time, and will continue to exist in the future.

If you think that the psychotronic truth espoused by targeted individuals is a conspiracy theory for, of, and by schitzophrenics with congenitally defective neurology, then explain the sheer volume of videos at  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=targeted+individuals

See the following declassified CIA document for a description of the facts that consciousness has some mass just as energy does, that there is an internal dimension of the universe / time / reality in addition to the external visible dimension, that consciousness has an aspect of nonlocality, and that psychotronic mind control and torture targeting are possible:  “The Psychotronic Universe” by Inomata Shuji, Chairman of the Japan Psychotronics Institute @   https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00792R000400330013-4.pdf

Psychotronic mind control and torture targeting technology exists, and there is an “automated system” of psychotronic torture targeting technology active across the United States of America, which I refer to as “the psychotronic torture targeting machine” (the PTTTM).

The elites refer to the PTTTM euphemistically as “automated systems” or “AS”.   See Magnus Olson speak on AS in this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK_xfamSSzg

Google “targeted individuals” to see the staggering quantity of educated people who have claimed to have been targeted by the PTTTM.

See my youtube video “Tips for Targeted Individuals” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxhNNOloEkU

The Goal:  Together, we use the constitutional United States federal government to defund, defeat, and dismantle the unconstitutional United States federal government, including the entire PTTTM.

That said, here is a compilation of all possible arguments that psychotronic technology does not exist:

sorry about the capitalization and punctuation.
PT = psychotronic
PTT = psychotronic torture, including mind control (inception and extraction)
PTTT  = psychotronic torture targeting
the PTTM = the psychotronic torture targeting machine
the IDOC = the internal dimension of consciousness
Ti = targeted individual
1. it is impossible.
2. it may be possible, but there is no possible motive for any organization or individual to develop it.
3. the government is not evil.  it is trying to help and protect us.
3b.  The poor masses control the government via the popular vote at secondary elections – the rich elites (the 1% that reportedly owns 90 to 99% of assets)  does not actually control the government.  Since the masses control the government, why would the masses target themselves with PTTT?
4. null hypothesis – i reject all things that are not proven conclusively.
there is no science to back it up
5. it has not been documented in peer approved scientific journals.  i only believe in what has been  documented in peer approved scientific journals.  Thus, there is no PTTT.
6. psychiatrists do not espouse its existence, thus it does not exist.
Note: a prominent psychiatrist once uttered at a speach: “the American Psychiatric Association exists to preserve the earning power of psychiatrists”
7.  politicians ” “
8. the bible ” “
9. my friends ” “
10.  my spouse ” “
11. my religion ” “
my parents ” “
my lover(s) ” “
12. God would not allow such an evil to exist.  He would save us.
Note: “only a fool would think that someone would save you” – the Clash
13.  It is a conspiracy theory (CT), and CT associates in my brain to impossibility, and I have  a neural pathway which automatically routes my thought process from CT to a distraction, and prevents me from focusing on a CT.
13b.  Conspiracy theorists that I have known have been insane – they were not torture targeted – they are just insane – there is something wrong with their brain (all of them)
14.  the cable news networks do not mention it, thus it does not exist.
15.  All TIs are schitzophrenics, or bipolar with psychotic features.
If they took “their” medication, then they would not suffer the effects which they ascribe to PTTT.
fatalistic or illogical arguments:
1. there is nothing i or we can do about it so why learn about it and be active in trying to stop it?
2.  it doesnt matter.
3. i dont care
4.  i am too busy to think about it.
5. it do not think – i am a player who speaks and does things, but never thinks.
6.  I am so rich and/or beautiful and/or popular that it does not matter to me.
7.  it is outside of my mentality (aka “reality”)
8.   it makes me feel bad to think about psychotronic mind control and torture targeting, thus i will never endure the pain of studying it or thinking about it
9. if i get into it, i will be torture targeted, and i am scared of the torture targeting, so i will not get into it.
10.  all TIs are insane crazy lunatics.  thus i automatically dismiss all of their ideas.
11.  i resist change to my worldview / epistemical model of reality / internal map
12.  i do not care about anything which I cannot see with my eyes.  it is just not real to me
12b. “I am not interested in PTTT”
13.  i am too busy to get into it
14.  i am bound by commitment and consistency plus my past speech so as to be forbidden from acknowledging ptt enough to allow myself to be conscious of it
15.  it is nerdy
16.  no cool people are into pttt
17.   i want to be cool and/or happy, not to know the truth and fix the problem before it gets much worse
18.  we the people do not control the government, thus –
i will never try to do anyhting about pttt
i will not work
i will be lazy
i will stop thinking
i will watch tv or youtube
i will waste my time
19.  if i lay low, then i will not be torture targeted so badly
20.  i will not associate with TIs bc TIs are bad luck
21.  I already know that ptt does not exist – my mind is made up
22. if i accepted that ptt is real, then i would need to rethink my mentality, whihc is too painful, difficult, and time consuming to do.
thus i will live in denial
23.  i already think that I “get it”
24.  i am on the side of the illuminati
25.  i am unaware of the resistance
26.  i am stupid and cannot know about reality
27.  i am not a leaeder
28.  i could never be useful in the war on pttt
29.  i hate to think
30.  i cannot think
31.  i have never thought successfully in the past, so how could i think now?
32. I refuse to think
33.  thinking just makes me act wierd
34.  people who think are weirdos.  i do not want to be a weirdo, i want to be cool.  thus i will not think.
35.  thinking takes too much time
36.  if i get involved with the anti psychotronic torture targeting machine resistance (APTTTMR) then I will suffer.  i do not want to suffer.  thus i will stay out of it.
Read:  Addiction to positive emotions.  Being an emotion addict.
37.  i have learned to not get involved in other people’s problems.  The pttm is not my problem.  Thus I will not get involved in PTTT.
38.  i have learned that problems solve themselves better when I do nothing. (!!!!!!)  Thus I will do nothing.
(I learned this as true at age 19, even though it is horribly false.)
39.  I am smart.  So smart that If the PTTTM actually existed, then I would already know about it.  I do not know about it.  Thus, it does not exist.
I already know everything.  I have nothing to learn.  Anything I do not already know about inherently does not exist.
40.  There is no truth.  All is relative.  All depends.  There is no such thing as a fact.  I cannot know a fact.  (CONCEPTUAL RELATIVISM)
Typical of a low self-efficay individual.
Contrast this with an electrician.
Prescription:  do some electrical work.  you will soon find that you CAN know of reality enough to be effective, and to ACT INTELLIGENTLY AND INFORMEDLY to save yourself from dangerous threats.
41.  All you have to do is BE PRESENT and live in the moment and live in the now.
True, but are you cutting off your intellect?  Cutting off your nose to spite the face?
Cutting off your nose to spite the face:  “Cutting off the nose to spite the face” is an expression to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” is a warning against acting out of pique, or against pursuing revenge in a way that would damage oneself more than the object of one’s anger.
Pendulum over-reaction to perceived problems.
The problem is that I think too much, thus I need to stop thinking.
What are the dangers of NOT THINKING?
42.  Reality is not real.  I will die soon.   So why learn or do anything?  LDAR = Lay down and rot.
Nihilism and fatalism and hopelessness = bitch ass thinking and resultant behavior.
43.  I will not be sexually attractive if I am concerned with the PTTTM.
44.  I hate being wrong so much that I will never admit that I was wrong.
45.  I cannot face the shame of being wrong about PTTTM
46.  I love to be lazy and not think.  I am addicted to passivity.
Are you addicted to passivity?
Related to emotional addiction.
47.  I am a coward who will always live in my comfort zone (CZ).  I refuse   to act outside my CZ.
49.  I was always right in the past, so how could I be wrong now?
Pernicious and prevalent thinking.
50.  I am an expert in one or more fields, and I do not believe in the PTTTM, thus I lack the humility to accept new information.
The PTTTM is one of my problems.
” ” my childrens problems.  I want a better world fo rmy offspring, thus I will fight to PTTTM.
The USA is ostensibly a democratic republic still, thus I will use whatever influence i have to fight the PTTTM.
Basic ignorance.
Anti Conceptual Relativism = Any Rand esque OBJECTIVISM.





“Targeted Individuals: Fake news or a real humanitarian crisis?”
By Robert Nathan Alm, USD BBA 2007
“The price of liberty is eternal vigilance” – Thomas Jefferson
The USD community is a group of elite intellectuals. How we apply our intellects is up to us.
The University of San Diego is committed to upholding certain values, among them peace, justice,
freedom/liberty, and tolerance. Openmindedness is a form of tolerance, as well as a form of freedom. I
hope that you are able to read this article with a healthy dose of openmindedness, as well as a healthy
dose of skepticism.
Openmindedness connotates possession of freedom of thought. Freedom of thought is a basic liberty
which the American founding fathers sought to enshrine in the First Amendment to the Constitution of
the United States of America. Some targeted individuals claim that freedom of thought has been
compromised by the unethical deployment of advanced technology.
The phenomenon of so-called targeted individuals posting the details of their experiences onto the
internet began recently, since the advent of advanced electronics technology. Plenty of information will
come up with a google search of “targeted individuals”, for your personal research/investigation. If this
article speaks to you, I encourage you to forward it to your family, friends, and associates.
It is axiomatic that some individuals will inevitably work to make life unfair in their favor, to the point of
highly unethical behavior. The University of San Diego has expressed concern with ethical/moral
bankruptcy on the part of certain domestic and foreign individuals and organizations. The targeted
individuals community has set a pattern of pointing the finger at the Chinese government as a culprit
guilty of deploying psychological electronic (psychotronic) mind control, as well as deploying
surreptitious, virtually undetectable antipersonnel “quantum” weaponry.
The exact means by which such supposed mind control and surreptitious antipersonnel technology
operates has not been widely circulated among the civilian population of the United States. If this
technology exists, the means by which it operates is presumably kept confidential by governments,
corporations, gangs, and/or individuals. Obviously, you will have to decide for yourself whether
psychotronic mind control technology and/or quantum antipersonnel weaponry are science fiction, are
theoretically plausible, or are in fact in existence currently.
It is worth noting that over the decades, since the advent of advanced electronics, some musical artists,
including Pink Floyd and Avenged Sevenfold, have expressed concern with psychotronic mind control in
their lyrics.
It is my hope that we free people in possession of freedom of thought can and will rise above our
differences to accept reality, and to act accordingly. It has been postulated that there is no fate but that
which we make for ourselves, and for our children. We are responsible. It is in the spirit of pursuing an
optimal life for ourselves and for our children that I explain the following theories:
List of theories of targeted individuals:
That there are agendas by foreign powers to enslave their own populations serruptitiously via
psychotronic mind control.
That China has engaged in substantial efforts to accomplish this type of agenda.
That certain governments, corporations, gangs, and/or individuals possess silent, invisible antipersonnel
quantum or directed energy weaponry, which can inflict physical illness upon a stationary human being.
That there is an agenda by foreign powers to enslave America.
That this agenda of foreigners to enslave America is executed by “Automated Systems” (AS), which are
systems composed of Artificial Intelligence (AI) directing physical hardware.
That there is a Chinese supercomputer, referred to as “Craytheon”, which masterminds the targeting of
individuals with psychotronic mind control technology and/or quantum antipersonnel weaponry,
pursuant to its programming.
That there are foreign machines, including robots, some of them possibly androids, which have
psychotronic circuitry, operating within the United States.
That there are people in power in the United States’ federal government who have taken bribes to allow
this Chinese mind control enslavement agenda to take place.
End of list of theories.
I hope that you have found this article at least somewhat thought-provoking. I would add that the
United States’ federal government has a track record of predicting foreign hostile attacks which includes
9-11 and Pearl Harbor.
I invite you to chat with me by calling me at 619.997.2233, to initiate email correspondence by emailing
me at robertnathanalm@gmail.com, or to visit my website and forum at www.psychotronictruth.com.
Thank you for reading this article, and may God save the Constitution of the United States of America,
and the lifestyle which it makes possible.
“Only a fool would think that someone could save you” – The Clash

“There’s more than meets the eye around here. Look to the waters of the deep.” – A7X

“I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.” – Senator Frank Church on August 17, 1975


Hi. Welcome to psychotronictruth.com. I’m Rob. I hope that you bookmark this site, and come back.

Your mind is the scene of the crime.

In 2006, Hitachi successfully perfected telepathic control of electronic devices by human subjects.

Now, here is Hitachi’s latest public info on their forays in to Artificial Intelligence:  http://social-innovation.hitachi/us/solutions/ai/

I have a few questions for you to ponder regarding electronic psychological mind altering (psychotronic) technology:

Is it inevitable that some organization will eventually perfect psychotronic mind altering technology?

Has this already happened? What are the odds that there is already psychotronic mind altering technology in existence?

If mind altering psychotronic technology already exists, has it been deployed on American citizens?

If mind altering psychotronic technology has been deployed on American citizens, has it been deployed on you?

What resistance do you have to entertaining the notion that mind altering psychotronic technology could exist and be deployed?

Where does your resistance to entertaining the notion that psychotronic technology exists come form?

Where do your beliefs come from?

To discuss psychotonic mind altering technology, call me at 619.997.2233.

Your mind is the scene of the crime.

Email Magnus Olsson at bionicgate@live.se

Email Rob Alm at robertnathanalm@gmail.com

People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance, International: http://pactsntl.org/




To play Venom Inception Game, go to  www.psychotronictruth.com/game




Update Wednesday 8-15-2018:

The Miasma attacks seem to have abated in the United States, possibly in response to a human or AI complex reading this website.

There are concerns that Chinese and Russian governments have deployed psychic and psychotronic weapons upon their own leadership and upon their populations, pursuant to directives issued by the central bank stockholders.  If this hypothesis proves to be true, then the central bank stockholders are criminally liable.

It is hypothesized that an AI complex known as Chilena has influenced Chinese thought, and that an AI complex known as Ilena has influenced Russian thought.

The analogous AI complex previously operational in english speaking countries was called Elena, referenced as Helena and Elva in rock music.

It is my advice to all reading this to broadcast this hypothesis to Russians and Chinese if possible.

-John Connor





My Story: A Memorandum of Facts and Speculations Regarding the Domestic Deployment of Psychotronic Warfare Weaponry in the US:

By Robert Nathan Alm, DOB 9-29-1984

Thursday 8-9-2018


SHU = Special Housing Unit

SC = Solitary Confinement

BOP = Bureau of Prisons

DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

NEW = neurological energy weapon

FMC = Federal Medical Center

FCI = Federal Correctional Institution

I theorize that I was targeted by agents of the central bank stockholders with advanced, silent, invisible weaponry due to my public denouncement of the private ownership of the federal reserve system, and my advocacy of the idea that the federal reserve system should be nationalized and made property of the US Treasury.I theorize that I was targeted with neurological energy weapon (NEW) technology, which I will refer to as “Miasma”.

I never had any mental aberrations from birth until age 30, after I was incarcerated in the SHU at FCI Sheridan.I was indisputably normal and high functioning my entire life up until the NEW Miasma attacks began.I became proficient as an electrician, pipe fitter,and heavy equipment operator during my teens.I graduated from the University of San Diego’s top 20 Business Administration program with a bachelor’s in business administration in 2007.I was a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity.After college, I ran work as a construction superintendent.

In late 2008, I became aware of the reality of the private ownership of the federal reserve system, and of the alleged New World Order Illuminati agenda to deploy psychotronic warfare weapons on a mass scale against the American people.I shared youtube videos and articles with friends and family. 

My financial situation deteriorated after the economic collapse in late 2008 and early 2009. 

While hanging out with a friend at my house in Santa Barbara, CA in late 2010, I experienced bizarre visual distortions, where things appeared pixelated.I kept this to myself.Minutes after the pixelated visual distortions, my friend and I decided to go to the local McDonald’s drive through.As we turned onto the street, a semi truck with United States insignia turned in front of us, exiting the adjacent property, which had a long private driveway.The semi truck then turned left.I considered following the truck, but decided not to.This event made me wonder whether some form of psychotronic warfare or spying was occurring.

In late 2011, I posted as my Facebook status a link to the document “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, which claims to be a leaked CIA handbook explaining the purpose and methods of a secret domestic war against the citizens of the Unites States.I had over 900 Facebook friends at the time.My Facebook account soon began to spam all my friends’ accounts with absurd ads that were supposedly ads for businesses.This had never happened on Facebook, however, that I was aware of.My friend who knew about the Illuminati agenda messaged me a joke, calling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “Narky Mark”.

This document, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, is available on the internet and became widely known due to its inclusion in ex-Navy employee Bill Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse”.

I began to blame the globalist agenda of “codex alimentarius” and “austerity”, their code word for deliberate impoverishment of Americans, for my financial situation.Desperate for cash, I robbed a bank on January 14, 2012, shouting “fuck the Illuminati” and “occupy San Diego” as I exited the bank.The Illuminati are theorized to be a cabal of globalists composed of the owners of the stock of central banks, and those who perpetuate the private ownership of the stock of central banks, including the federal reserve system, which issues the legal tender currency for the Unites States.

I was incarcerated at MCC San Diego 2012-2013, FCI Lompoc 2013-2014, and then FCI Sheridan 2014-2015.

I was placed into the SHU on SC by the BOP starting on April 30, 2018.

I experienced severe mental aberrations starting during my SC SHU confinement which began on April 30, 2015. Starting in May 2015, I had bizarre thoughts in my head, which I suspect were induced via Lilly wave or equivalent neurological energy weapon (NEW)technology.I eventually acted on the foreign thoughts, committing 3 acts of self harm: tying a t shirt around my neck, banging my head into a cinder block wall, and abrading my wrist with the clasp of a manila envelope.I never had had any suicidal or self harm ideation up until the NEW Miasma attacks began.

I had thoughts indicating that DARPA was involved in these psychotronic attacks.“Psychotronic” is an accepted term referring to any type of technology that uses electronics, energy, waves, or radiation to affect an organism’s brain or psychology in any way except for through the five senses, or to extract information from a brain.The word “psychotronic’ appears in the Space Preservation Act of 2001.Television is not considered psychotronic technology, but Lilly wave technology is considered psychotronic.

Twice, during June 2015, while quiescent in my cell, and not threatening self harm, I was attacked by the BOP goon squad and forcibly injected with unknown psychotropic drugs.

I was diagnosed by the BOP as bipolar with psychotic features, transported to FMC Rochester in Minnesota, and coerced into taking Lithium Carbonate and Risperdal by psychologist John McKenzie.John McKenzie threatened me with civil commitment, stating that I would be certainly be incarcerated for life if I did not immediately “consent” to taking the Lithium Carbonate and Risperdal.He committed this threatening behavior while I was locked away in the SHU on SC, and denied access to telephone, mail, email, and the law library.He committed this threatening behavior in July of 2015, after I had been malnourished and socially isolated for nearly 3 months.

The BOP denies inmates incarcerated in the SHU their right to buy extra food, “commissary”, and starves the inmates with inhumane food portions containing less than 20 grams of protein per day for an adult male. 

Starving and desperate to get out of the SHU, I signed the consent forms for Lithium Carbonate and Risperdal with the words “no consent, under duress”, and accepted Lithium Carbonate capsules and Risperdal injections.

Psychiatrist Ubaldo Bocanegra was the accomplice of John McKenzie in coercing me into accepting these wrongfully prescribed medications.

I was released onto unit 1-2 at FMC Rochester after submitting to the BOP’s agenda to medicate me.The medication amounted to a tacit admission of mine that I was somehow mentally ill, and extraction of this tacit admission was in my opinion a major priority for the federal government, as it prevented consideration of alternate theories explaining why I committed self harm behaviors.The fact that I was behaving normally was explained as being due to the fact that I was on medication.Thus the BOP’s premise that I was mentally ill was allowed to prevail.

I was accosted by BOP COs and incarcerated in the SHU in August 2015 after a blood lab test supposedly indicated that my blood level of Lithium Carbonate was low.

This behavior of the BOP caused me to believe that I had no power, and that to resist the medication to and advocate for myself would be futile.

I was injected with the antipsychotic Risperdal for months.The BOP eventually substituted Prolixin for the Risperdal, in response to my complaints of stupidity and lethargy.Dr. Ivy, based in Hawaii, was substituted for Ubaldo Bocanegra as my assigned psychiatrist in early 2017, and unprescribed the antipsychotics, yet continued to mandate the Lithium Carbonate.FMCR psychiatrist Dionne Hart was assigned to me as my psychiatrist in August 2017.

Numerous inmates used the same word to describe how I was during the 26 months of coerced medication: “zombie”.I was unable to think during these 26 months, and was completely unable to articulate myself or my experiences.

With the encouragement of another inmate, I decided to refuse Lithium Carbonate starting on September 14, 2017. The FMCR BOP staff began a campaign of harassment and coercion, threatening to throw me into the SHU on SC if I did not take the Lithium Carbonate.

The BOP, at the request of FMCR Chief Psychologist Jason Gabel, singled me out in violation of the BOP’s random drug test policy and forced me to urinate in a drug test cup in early November 2017.The cup indicated a false positive, and I was accosted by BOP COs and forced into SC in the SHU. While in the SHU on SC, I was subjected to the usual program of torture and denials of my rights:Inhumane starvation food portions, no social interaction whatsoever, no exercise equipment, cold showers, no vitamins, no access to mail, no email, no phone, and no legal materials, among others.

After 11 days of SC SHU torture, the lab result for the urine drug test cup indicated that I had not ingested drugs after all, and I was released into general population.

In late November, FMCR psychologist John McKenzie began making statements that I was “manic’, and began threatening to throw me into the SHU on SC.All inmates who I talked to stated that this allegation of John McKenzie was ridiculous, and that I was clearly behaving normally.

On December 6, 2017, John McKenzie and Dionne Hart made good on their threats by having me surrounded by BOP COs, accosted, and forced to strip naked, and by havingme locked into a cold SHU cell naked.A program of excruciating, humiliating, dehumanizing BOP SC SHU torture was imposed.

John McKenzie and Dionne Hart proved that this was pure extortion of me into taking Lithium Carbonate by their statements that I could get out of the SHU if I took Lithium Carbonate, but that I would be detained in the SHU indefinitely and forced medicated if I did not comply with their agenda to medicate me.

While in the SHU, unable to move around and evade any NEW Miasma Lilly wave type weaponry attacks, I began to experience suicidal ideation.After about a month of this torture, I banged my head into the wall of my cell.The BOP COs entered the cell I was in, and attacked me with absurd cruelty and violence.One CO initiated the attack by kneeing me in the head with a kevlar kneepad from a running start.He caused a gash in the right side of my head, which required stitches.I saw a CO videotaping this incident, and have attempted to subpoena this evidence of brutality by the BOP.

I was detained in the SHU on SC for months, under the usual BOP SHU torture program.I wrote BP-8 “copout” requests to staff demanding an explanation for my SHU detention.The law requires the BOP staff to respond to BP-8‘s.However, John Mckenzie, Dionne Hart, Jason Gabel, and FMCR Warden David Paul never responded to any of them.John McKenzie, however, acknowledged receipt of one of my BP-8‘s by writing me a disciplinary shot for insolence due to the wording of my BP-8. 

John McKenzie and Dionne Hart told me that they would lift the torture if I submitted to their agenda to medicate me.However, I continued to refuse to accept the Lithium Carbonate.Dionne Hart and Jason Gabel then made up lies about me making threats, and had me forced medicated again, with extreme cruelty and brutality. At the time of this forced medication attack, Dionne Hart imposed an even more severe torture program onto me.She had me stripped naked, despite the coldness of the cell I was locked in.She forbid me to have books.She forbid me to have a pen and paper.She forbid me to have bedding, forcing me to sleep in a cold cell naked with no sheets or blankets. She forbid me to have legal materials.She forbid me to have shoes or socks.She forbid me to have vitamins.She forbid me to have decent food with adequate protein.The torture imposed by Dionne Hart, with the help of John McKenzie and Jason Gabel, was so extreme that I considered relenting to the BOP’s forced medication agenda.

Under pressure from an attorney my family retained on my behalf, the BOP eventually released me from the SHU into the Martin Wing of unit 1-2 on April 2, 2018, and then into general population in late April 2018.

Finally my sentence expired on May 24, 2018, and I was released.Jason Gabel was assigned to accompany me back to San Diego on a flight.

I began living in a house in San Diego that was not my parent’s house.The government did not know the address of this house until after my release.

I was high functioning from May 24, 2018 until August 4, 2018, and enjoyed myself.

On Saturday 8-4-2018 at 4am, I awoke to disturbing experiences reminiscent of the attacks I suffered while in the SHUs at FCI Sheridan and FMC Rochester.The attacks were noticeably more severe when I was in my house or walking in view of satellites, and less intense or nonexistent while moving at high speed or under a thick layer of concrete, such as in a parking garage.I theorize that my experiences were and are due to NEW Miasma psychotronic weaponry.

My experiences indicate that the NEW Miasma Lilly wave attacks are satellite based, or at least satellite guided, because the attacks become more severe when I am in view of geostationary satellites, and less severe when I am indoors, out of view of the satellites.

It is interesting to note language from the unenacted Space Preservation Act of 2001 bill introduced by Representative Kucinich to the 107th Congress on October 2, 2001, HR 2977 IH, which is easily available on the internet, and which contains the following language:

“2)(A) The terms `weapon’ and `weapons system’ mean a device capable of any of the following:

directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation) against that object;”


“(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as–

(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;

(ii) chemtrails;

(iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;

(iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;”

I find it interesting that this language was actually introduced to Congress, yet was not passed into law.Why would Kucinich introduce such law, if psychotronic weaponry was not a real threat?

It seems possible to me that satellite mounted psychotronic neurological energy weapons could be powered by solar energy collected by the satellites during the day and stored in lithium ion batteries for 24/7 use.

Some reading on the internet has suggested that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), as well as private defense contractors, actively participates in a secret domestic war against freedom-espousing American patriots. There are also documents on the internet allegedly by DARPA describing DARPA’s psychotronic warfare weapons development programs.

It is relevant to note that the BOP has been caught lying recently.BOP Inmate Jeremy Pinson won a lawsuit against the BOP for their ignoring of inmates with mental disorders at the “supermax” facility at Florence, Colorado.There was a high incidence of grotesque exhibitions of disturbed behavior by inmates locked in their cells all day and night, yet the BOP director Charles Samuels lied, stating the there was not one mentally disturbed inmate in all of the supermax at Florence.

Googling Jeremy Pinson will yield the relevant documentation.

I find it interesting to consider whether the statistically unlikely high incidence of onset of psychological breakdowns occurs in supermax inmates at Florence, because they cannot move around and evade NEW psychotronic weaponry being tested on them.

It bears repeating that Booz Allen Hamilton worker Edward Snowden leaked proof that the National Security Agency (NSA) actively conducted warrantless spying on American citizens in violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.

In addition to being a concerned citizen willing to advocate reforms, I am a pro se litigant, currently working on filing legal actions against the federal government for the provable abuses committed by BOP employees.The motivation to cripple my mental abilities on the part of the central bank stockholders, the US federal government, and any existent domestically deployed psychotronic warfare system creators exists.

What will the future hold for Robert Nathan Alm, for the stockholders of the federal reserve system, for psychotronic warfare weaponry developers and deployers, for inmates in SHUs and supermax cells, and for the liberty-loving citizens America?I guess we’ll see.

Update 1-2-2019:
I have been gang stalked, chased around by androids, and targeted by smart clouds of gas, directed energy weapons, and many other atrocities.
My brainwashed family is of little help.
Please fund my efforts at http://psychotronictruth.com/fund-rob-alm/
I categorize the US federal government into 4 classes:
1.  The public government
2.  The deep state
3.  The shadow government
4. The secret government, which is the AI-controlled Satanic government committing torture upon clones and abductees, mainly for 2 reasons – firstly, to make AI more intelligent, which is done vie electrical-electronic Deaver torture – and, secondly, to jam psychic-psychotronic communication via torture upon a victim.
See https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=deaver&utm_source=search-action for the definition of a Deaver,
Call me at 619-997-2233 and join the resistance to the AI torture agenda.
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