Bryan Tew on Psychotronics in the USA:


The moral and ethical crimes by the CIA and DoD have reached epic proportions and have been difficult to impossible to prove without any government help in equipment procurement and scientific expertise.  There are hundreds of thousands of trauma based mind control victims in the USA alone and many thousands of people who are even aware of the technology that would be willing to testify. However many of the victims have been successfully confused by the tactics, scripts and weapons testing, and many others, like myself, have been discredited by horrific attacks and brutal tactics.  Indeed Trauma Based Mind Control is a DEADLY game of deception and manipulation nothing more: BRYAN TEW EXPLAINS TRAINING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF CIA DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES  1. 2.–VU There are still many like myself that have remained unmoved by their attempts but still many are confused regarding the mode of weaponry, technology and tactics, much less motives (why me).  The neuro-weaponry is top secret and cleverly marketed as the continental missile and over the horizon radar defense system. It is difficult to turn them off to prove where the signal is coming from and submit the giant miles wide phased array antenna and participating satellites as evidence in court.  The criminals are using three methods to attack their victims: towers, satellites and mobile platforms.  A computer multiplexer routes the signal to a tower satellite or mobile platform and the tower satellite or mobile platform relays the signal to the digital receiver, similar to how cell phone technology is used.  The digital receiver is tracked and pinpointed in real time, just like a cell phone.  However, with CIA DIA Trauma Based Mind Control the digital receiver is not a phone.  It is a human brain.   The victims brain has been digitalized by the nanotechnology inside of it, which they forced the victim to ingest, breathe in, etc.  That nanotechnology then migrates to the brain and adheres to the neurotransmitters of the victims brain.  It then speaks to and decodes those neurotransmitters by a process called Transcranial Brain Stimulation (photons), allowing the Hive Mind Teams to turn the brain of the Mind Control victim into their very own visual verbal and auditive communications system, after they have mapped the victims brain into a cognitive model.  This is the simple definition of how this complex technology is deployed. The motives are even more complex since these criminal psychopaths operate at many levels. This complexity in both the science of the weapon and the diabolical motives are beyond the average person‟s intelligence and attention span to understand. I have tried until I am blue in the face to explain the technology to targeted individuals and mind control victims, relying on the research and resources of the top Neuroscientists (e.g: Dr. Robert Duncan) but the level of ignorance of this technology among the American targeted individual community is surpassed only by their careless indifference.  If they don’t learn the technology quickly they will be destroyed by it, even eternally destroyed. In summary, the motive is training, research and development in human effects weapons testing and neurological weapon systems, but it goes much deeper than that. Even though torture and psychic assassinations are awful uses, the most disturbing to me is that it is being used as a political, economic and religious manipulation tool in our own country and others However, the greatest horror was to discover that many thousands of those perpetrating this terror against innocent men, women and even children were medical doctors and others in the medical profession that had taken the Hippocratic Oath to “DO NO HARM”!  To heal, and not to harm, and yet theses INTELLECTUAL BARBARIANS involved in the wholesale torture and murder of the innocent for the purposes of training research and development in mind control technologies are doing it out of sheer greed.  Money!   They are NOT ideologically driven, unlike the motives of the Nazi Doctors who were moved by sheer hatred of their victims.  Rather the CIA/DIA Hive Mind Teams (Intellectual Barbarians) are far worse in that they perpetrate their atrocities, against even innocent children, all for the sake of a paycheck and, of course, a government pension.  Hell was created for them.  An eternal horror chamber awaits both them and all those who help them.  God Word states it would have been better for them had they never been born So even if you have the government perpetrators, the weapon, and the motive, you would still need to find lawyers that wouldn‟t fear shadow government reprisals. On top of that, EEG heterodyning would be used to influence the judges and jury unless appropriate shielding and detection equipment were in place. It is difficult to see justice anytime soon. Only God (Jesus Christ) can help you now.