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My Story: A Memorandum of Facts and Speculations Regarding the Domestic Deployment of Psychotronic Warfare Weaponry in the US: By Robert Nathan Alm, DOB 9-29-1984 Thursday 8-9-2018 Acronyms: SHU = Special Housing Unit SC = Solitary Confinement BOP = Bureau of Prisons DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency NEW = neurological energy weapon FMC = Federal Medical Center FCI = Federal Correctional Institution I theorize that I was targeted by agents of the central bank stockholders with advanced, silent, invisible weaponry due to my public denouncement of the private ownership of the federal reserve system, and my advocacy of the idea that the federal reserve system should be nationalized and made property of the US Treasury. I theorize that I was targeted with 2 classes of weapon technology: Firstly, neurological energy weapon (NEW) technology, which I will refer to as “Miasma”, and secondly, with nanorobot technology containing explosives which burrow into the brain via the sinuses and detonate, which I refer to as “Petards”. I never had any mental aberrations from birth until age 30, after I was incarcerated in the SHU at FCI Sheridan. I was indisputably normal and high functioning my entire life up until the NEW Miasma attacks began. I became proficient as an electrician, pipe fitter, and heavy equipment operator during my teens. I graduated from the University of San Diego’s top 20 Business Administration program with a bachelor’s in business administration in 2007. I was a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. After college, I ran work as a construction superintendent. In late 2008, I became aware of the reality of the private ownership of the federal reserve system, and of the alleged New World Order Illuminati agenda to deploy psychotronic warfare weapons on a mass scale against the American people. I shared youtube videos and articles with friends and family. My financial situation deteriorated after the economic collapse in late 2008 and early 2009. While hanging out with a friend at my house in Santa Barbara, CA in late 2010, I experienced bizarre visual distortions, where things appeared pixelated. I kept this to myself. Minutes after the pixelated visual distortions, my friend and I decided to go to the local McDonald’s drive through. As we turned onto the street, a semi truck with United States insignia turned in front of us, exiting the adjacent property, which had a long private driveway. The semi truck then turned left. I considered following the truck, but decided not to. This event made me wonder whether some form of psychotronic warfare or spying was occurring. In late 2011, I posted as my Facebook status a link to the document “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, which claims to be a leaked CIA handbook explaining the purpose and methods of a secret domestic war against the citizens of the Unites States. I had over 900 Facebook friends at the time. My Facebook account soon began to spam all my friends’ accounts with absurd ads that were supposedly ads for businesses. This had never happened on Facebook, however, that I was aware of. My friend who knew about the Illuminati agenda messaged me a joke, calling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “Narky Mark”. This document, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, is available on the internet and became widely known due to its inclusion in ex-Navy employee Bill Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse”. I began to blame the globalist agenda of “codex alimentarius” and “austerity”, their code word for deliberate impoverishment of Americans, for my financial situation. Desperate for cash, I robbed a bank on January 14, 2012, shouting “fuck the Illuminati” and “occupy San Diego” as I exited the bank. The Illuminati are theorized to be a cabal of globalists composed of the owners of the stock of central banks, and those who perpetuate the private ownership of the stock of central banks, including the federal reserve system, which issues the legal tender currency for the Unites States. I was incarcerated at MCC San Diego 2012-2013, FCI Lompoc 2013-2014, and then FCI Sheridan 2014-2015. I was placed into the SHU on SC by the BOP starting on April 30, 2018. I experienced severe mental aberrations starting during my SC SHU confinement which began on April 30, 2015. Starting in May 2015, I had bizarre thoughts in my head, which I suspect were induced via Lilly wave or equivalent neurological energy weapon (NEW) technology. I eventually acted on the foreign thoughts, committing 3 acts of self harm: tying a t shirt around my neck, banging my head into a cinder block wall, and abrading my wrist with the clasp of a manila envelope. I never had had any suicidal or self harm ideation up until the NEW Miasma attacks began. I had thoughts indicating that DARPA was involved in these psychotronic attacks. “Psychotronic” is an accepted term referring to any type of technology that uses electronics, energy, waves, or radiation to affect an organism’s brain or psychology in any way except for through the five senses, or to extract information from a brain. The word “psychotronic’ appears in the Space Preservation Act of 2001. Television is not considered psychotronic technology, but Lilly wave technology is considered psychotronic. Twice, during June 2015, while quiescent in my cell, and not threatening self harm, I was attacked by the BOP goon squad and forcibly injected with unknown psychotropic drugs. I was diagnosed by the BOP as bipolar with psychotic features, transported to FMC Rochester in Minnesota, and coerced into taking Lithium Carbonate and Risperdal by psychologist John McKenzie. John McKenzie threatened me with civil commitment, stating that I would be certainly be incarcerated for life if I did not immediately “consent” to taking the Lithium Carbonate and Risperdal. He committed this threatening behavior while I was locked away in the SHU on SC, and denied access to telephone, mail, email, and the law library. He committed this threatening behavior in July of 2015, after I had been malnourished and socially isolated for nearly 3 months. The BOP denies inmates incarcerated in the SHU their right to buy extra food, “commissary”, and starves the inmates with inhumane food portions containing less than 20 grams of protein per day for an adult male. Starving and desperate to get out of the SHU, I signed the consent forms for Lithium Carbonate and Risperdal with the words “no consent, under duress”, and accepted Lithium Carbonate capsules and Risperdal injections. Psychiatrist Ubaldo Bocanegra was the accomplice of John McKenzie in coercing me into accepting these wrongfully prescribed medications. I was released onto unit 1-2 at FMC Rochester after submitting to the BOP’s agenda to medicate me. The medication amounted to a tacit admission of mine that I was somehow mentally ill, and extraction of this tacit admission was in my opinion a major priority for the federal government, as it prevented consideration of alternate theories explaining why I committed self harm behaviors. The fact that I was behaving normally was explained as being due to the fact that I was on medication. Thus the BOP’s premise that I was mentally ill was allowed to prevail. I was accosted by BOP COs and incarcerated in the SHU in August 2015 after a blood lab test supposedly indicated that my blood level of Lithium Carbonate was low. This behavior of the BOP caused me to believe that I had no power, and that to resist the medication to and advocate for myself would be futile. I was injected with the antipsychotic Risperdal for months. The BOP eventually substituted Prolixin for the Risperdal, in response to my complaints of stupidity and lethargy. Dr. Ivy, based in Hawaii, was substituted for Ubaldo Bocanegra as my assigned psychiatrist in early 2017, and unprescribed the antipsychotics, yet continued to mandate the Lithium Carbonate. FMCR psychiatrist Dionne Hart was assigned to me as my psychiatrist in August 2017. Numerous inmates used the same word to describe how I was during the 26 months of coerced medication: “zombie”. I was unable to think during these 26 months, and was completely unable to articulate myself or my experiences. With the encouragement of another inmate, I decided to refuse Lithium Carbonate starting on September 14, 2017. The FMCR BOP staff began a campaign of harassment and coercion, threatening to throw me into the SHU on SC if I did not take the Lithium Carbonate. The BOP, at the request of FMCR Chief Psychologist Jason Gabel, singled me out in violation of the BOP’s random drug test policy and forced me to urinate in a drug test cup in early November 2017. The cup indicated a false positive, and I was accosted by BOP COs and forced into SC in the SHU. While in the SHU on SC, I was subjected to the usual program of torture and denials of my rights: Inhumane starvation food portions, no social interaction whatsoever, no exercise equipment, cold showers, no vitamins, no access to mail, no email, no phone, and no legal materials, among others. After 11 days of SC SHU torture, the lab result for the urine drug test cup indicated that I had not ingested drugs after all, and I was released into general population. In late November, FMCR psychologist John McKenzie began making statements that I was “manic’, and began threatening to throw me into the SHU on SC. All inmates who I talked to stated that this allegation of John McKenzie was ridiculous, and that I was clearly behaving normally. On December 6, 2017, John McKenzie and Dionne Hart made good on their threats by having me surrounded by BOP COs, accosted, and forced to strip naked, and by having me locked into a cold SHU cell naked. A program of excruciating, humiliating, dehumanizing BOP SC SHU torture was imposed. John McKenzie and Dionne Hart proved that this was pure extortion of me into taking Lithium Carbonate by their statements that I could get out of the SHU if I took Lithium Carbonate, but that I would be detained in the SHU indefinitely and forced medicated if I did not comply with their agenda to medicate me. While in the SHU, unable to move around and evade any NEW Miasma Lilly wave type weaponry attacks, I began to experience suicidal ideation. After about a month of this torture, I banged my head into the wall of my cell. The BOP COs entered the cell I was in, and attacked me with absurd cruelty and violence. One CO initiated the attack by kneeing me in the head with a kevlar kneepad from a running start. He caused a gash in the right side of my head, which required stitches. I saw a CO videotaping this incident, and have attempted to subpoena this evidence of brutality by the BOP. I was detained in the SHU on SC for months, under the usual BOP SHU torture program. I wrote BP-8 “copout” requests to staff demanding an explanation for my SHU detention. The law requires the BOP staff to respond to BP-8‘s. However, John Mckenzie, Dionne Hart, Jason Gabel, and FMCR Warden David Paul never responded to any of them. John McKenzie, however, acknowledged receipt of one of my BP-8‘s by writing me a disciplinary shot for insolence due to the wording of my BP-8. John McKenzie and Dionne Hart told me that they would lift the torture if I submitted to their agenda to medicate me. However, I continued to refuse to accept the Lithium Carbonate. Dionne Hart and Jason Gabel then made up lies about me making threats, and had me forced medicated again, with extreme cruelty and brutality. At the time of this forced medication attack, Dionne Hart imposed an even more severe torture program onto me. She had me stripped naked, despite the coldness of the cell I was locked in. She forbid me to have books. She forbid me to have a pen and paper. She forbid me to have bedding, forcing me to sleep in a cold cell naked with no sheets or blankets. She forbid me to have legal materials. She forbid me to have shoes or socks. She forbid me to have vitamins. She forbid me to have decent food with adequate protein. The torture imposed by Dionne Hart, with the help of John McKenzie and Jason Gabel, was so extreme that I considered relenting to the BOP’s forced medication agenda. Under pressure from an attorney my family retained on my behalf, the BOP eventually released me from the SHU into the Martin Wing of unit 1-2 on April 2, 2018, and then into general population in late April 2018. Finally my sentence expired on May 24, 2018, and I was released. Jason Gabel was assigned to accompany me back to San Diego on a flight. I began living in a house in San Diego that was not my parent’s house. The government did not know the address of this house until after my release. I was high functioning from May 24, 2018 until August 4, 2018, and enjoyed myself. On Saturday 8-4-2018 at 4am, I awoke to disturbing experiences reminiscent of the attacks I suffered while in the SHUs at FCI Sheridan and FMC Rochester. The attacks were noticeably more severe when I was in my house or walking in view of satellites, and less intense or nonexistent while moving at high speed or under a thick layer of concrete, such as in a parking garage. I theorize that my experiences were and are due to NEW Miasma psychotronic weaponry. My experiences indicate that the NEW Miasma Lilly wave attacks are satellite based, or at least satellite guided, because the attacks become more severe when I am in view of geostationary satellites, and less severe when I am indoors, out of view of the satellites. It is interesting to note language from the unenacted Space Preservation Act of 2001 bill introduced by Representative Kucinich to the 107th Congress on October 2, 2001, HR 2977 IH, which is easily available on the internet, and which contains the following language: “2)(A) The terms `weapon’ and `weapons system’ mean a device capable of any of the following: … directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electromagnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation) against that object;” and “(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as– (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons; (ii) chemtrails; (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems; (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;” I find it interesting that this language was actually introduced to Congress, yet was not passed into law. Why would Kucinich introduce such law, if psychotronic weaponry was not a real threat? It seems possible to me that satellite mounted psychotronic neurological energy weapons could be powered by solar energy collected by the satellites during the day and stored in lithium ion batteries for 24/7 use. Some reading on the internet has suggested that the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), as well as private defense contractors, actively participates in a secret domestic war against freedom-espousing American patriots. There are also documents on the internet allegedly by DARPA describing DARPA’s psychotronic warfare weapons development programs. It is relevant to note that the BOP has been caught lying recently. BOP Inmate Jeremy Pinson won a lawsuit against the BOP for their ignoring of inmates with mental disorders at the “supermax” facility at Florence, Colorado. There was a high incidence of grotesque exhibitions of disturbed behavior by inmates locked in their cells all day and night, yet the BOP director Charles Samuels lied, stating the there was not one mentally disturbed inmate in all of the supermax at Florence. Googling Jeremy Pinson will yield the relevant documentation. I find it interesting to consider whether the statistically unlikely high incidence of onset of psychological breakdowns occurs in supermax inmates at Florence, because they cannot move around and evade NEW psychotronic weaponry being tested on them. It bears repeating that Booz Allen Hamilton worker Edward Snowden leaked proof that the National Security Agency (NSA) actively conducted warrantless spying on American citizens in violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. Petard description: At 7:30 am on Wednesday 8-8-2018, I was in my back yard by my pool, when I heard a very loud buzzing insect-like sound. I then felt sensations in my right sinuses. A 1:40 pm on Wednesday 8-8-2018, I felt what felt like a small explosion behind and below my right eye in my head. I immediately noticed a loss of planning ability at work, as well as physical weakness, so I left work and went to the emergency room for a CAT scan. That night, I slept at a different location than my house, and noticed that the Miasma attacks which I had felt since 8-4-2018 at 4am were nonexistent or at least less intense. The next morning, during meditation, my subconscious told me that my “caudate nucleus” had been destroyed. During meditation, my subconscious also told me that my “caudate nucleus” was where much information got relayed from one part of the brain to other parts of the brain. Looking up the term “caudate nucleus” confirmed this thought. I was reminded of the scene from Shutter Island when the fugitive female doctor hiding in a cave tells Leonardo DiCaprio about the transorbital lobotomy, which makes patients much more tractable. In addition to being a concerned citizen willing to advocate reforms, I am a pro se litigant, currently working on filing legal actions against the federal government for the provable abuses committed by BOP employees. The motivation to cripple my mental abilities on the part of the central bank stockholders, the US federal government, and any existent domestically deployed psychotronic warfare system creators exists. What will the future hold for Robert Nathan Alm, for the stockholders of the federal reserve system, for psychotronic warfare weaponry developers and deployers, for inmates in SHUs and supermax cells, and for the liberty-loving citizens America? I guess we’ll see.

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