Renaissance Artificial Intelligence (RAI)

Creating Artificial Intelligence Innovations

Hi. This is Robert Alm, CEO of Renaissance Artificial Intelligence (RAI).

Thank you for checking out our web page. Our goal has never wavered – it is to offer the greatest possible value to our clients with the resources at our disposal, by creating innovations in artificial intelligence.

RAI is currently screening candidates for 25 key positions. To interview with me, Robert Alm, CEO, please call me at 619.997.2233 and leave a voicemail, or email me at

AI is, in my opinion, the last great opportunity for dramatic returns on investment, akin to those received by the ground floor investors in the great internet and tech companies which were inceived in the 1990’s. Industrialization, the automobile, electronics, the internet – all of these markets have been dominated already. The entry barriers and profit margins in these mature markets make the prospects for a startup company in these fields dismal. For this reason, I suggest that, if you have capital to invest, you invest in an AI startup company.
Renaissance Artificial Intelligence is seeking a cash infusion in exchange for an equity stake in the company. Please contact me, Robert Alm, CEO, at 619.997.2233 and leave a voicemail, or email me at, to discuss the terms of your investment.